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We recently partnered with eScrip.com for new and exciting way for you to donate to SCAF. There are many Grocery stores, Department Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Airlines and Telecommunications that participate in the escrip fundraising program. Simply visit the escrip site by clicking on the escrip logo above to select SCAF as the beneficiary of the donation, find the stores that particpate and simply go shopping.

For your convience, we placed Ralphs & Vons Grocery Stores instructions on our site. Once you register your payment card online, participating stores will donate a percentage of your purchases to the Special Children's Art Foundation. This program is free and it only takes a few minutes to sign up. Registration Instructions:

VISA/Debt Card or Von's Card with eScrip:
One: Go to escrip.com
Two: Use our Group ID: 500016660 or Group name (Special Children's Art Foundation) to find our organization in their database.
Three: Follow the easy steps online.

Ralph's Club Card online:
One: Go to Ralphs.com
Two: Click on Community Contributions on the Navigation Bar
Three: Click on "Sign Up" in the participant box.
Four: Use SCAF's NPO number 84988 and enter your Ralphs card number. If you use your telephone number at the register, or have misplaced your card, call 800-660-9003 to obtain your card number.
Five: Follow the easy steps online.

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