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...Dolphins at Play

Dolphins at Play was donated to the Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach, California in July 2000. The 15' x 20' mural was painted in two sessions, on July 22 and 29, and is made up of three five foot panels that when joined together capture the magical illusion of fun and joyful times. The mural was painted by children affected with Rett Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder seen primarily in females. This was a two-fold event; it commemorated the Hospital's 30th Anniversary and helped create Rett Syndrome awareness. The mural was installed in the outdoor Pediatric's Rehabilition Playground. This ideal location creates a funfilled environment for the children while they are receiving therapy and ties into the aquatic theme of the hospital.

The mural was engineered and constructed by SignSource, out of aluminum substrate in order to withstand the outdoor weather conditions of Long Beach. John Mearns of Sign Source, created custom attachable dolley supports for the panels that allowed us the ability to roll the mural to and from the painting area. Due to it's size, the each of the 5' X 20' panels had to be craned into the hospital from the outside. We thank the Blake Sign Company donating their crane sreviceand helping us with that effort!

This was an "Event" styled project that included morning donuts from Krispy Kreme Donuts, catered lunches from BJ's Pizza & Brewing Company, T-shirts, and celebrity visits for all the participants. Each Rett girl also recieved gift bags with "Chicken Run" plush toys from Dreamworks Studios and dolphin plush toys from Miller Children's Hospital. This made it a memorable time for all the families and volunteers.

Once again we would like to thank all of our sponsors and volunteers that made this project a reality.


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