Special Children's Art Foundation is a public, Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization, and is funded solely through grants, gifts, and donations. We are committed to accomplishing our mission, while maintaining a low administrative overhead. Donations are essential for developing new projects that will reach out to other facilities, children with special needs and their families across our country.

Here are some of the many ways in which you can help and participate in the
Special Children's Art Foundation:
Every donation is used to help us buy supplies and support the program. We are now accepting donations online securely with paypal.

Volunteers are the mainstays of our program. No previous experience in art is required - just a heart that desires to help children with special needs to paint.

Volunteers are also encouraged to submit ideas for future murals. If you are an artist you can even donate a painted composition. If you are interested in donating a composition, please contact us so that we can give you a few guidelines.

Once the colors have been mixed for the particular mural, volunteers will be needed to assist placing dabs of color onto the mural canvas. These dabs of paint help to identify which colors go onto each area of the mural. Finally volunteers will be needed o help Special Children actually paint the murals. This will involve helping these children hold brushes, helping them walk with special painting shoes, or helping them hold special adaptive paint brushes in their mouths. If you are interest in volunteering, please contact us.


Your help is appreciated in securing these items that will enable us to better serve our children.

Paint & Dry Goods:
-Drop Cloth
-Rolls of Rosin Paper
-Rolls of 2" Masking Tape
-Plastic Bucket
-Plastic Cups with Lids
-Roller Pans
-Roller Frames
-Roller Sleeves
-Boxes of Rags
-Industrial Staplers
-Halogen Lights, etc.

-Catering or Food Donations
-Postage & Shipping Services
-Mural Printing
-TShirt Printing

Premium Suppliers:

-Watches, etc.

Office Supplies:

- Desks, Chairs, Tables, Lamps & Floor Lamps
- Paper, Envelops, Pens, Pencils, Stationary, Tape, Staplers, etc.
- Tumbling Mats for those Special Needs Children that need to lay down to rest.

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